5 Essential Questions For Fine Jewelers


Purchasing fine jewelry is nothing like buying anything else. Some people even say that you cannot even compare this purchase to purchasing other big items like a major appliance or a car. Precious stones such as diamonds and gems, and fine jewelry involve a whole new set of rules and require a fantastic logo design. It entails style, quality and even the way they are advertised, marketed and sold is different.

Also, it is definitely next to impossible for an inexpert eye to grasp the quality of a stone fully. In addition to that, majority of individuals only purchase fine jewelry a few times in their lives and those moments are all highly important and filled with emotional connotations. Due to this, it is very important that you should find a fine jeweler that you can trust. So before you make the choice, ask yourselves these questions first when choosing your fine jeweler.

  • Is the jeweler credentialed and established? Make sure to choose someone who you can develop a long lasting relationship with. Make sure to do your research into the business of that jeweler and research their reputation. Typically, a reputable business will have excellent references. Also, they should be constantly available for regular maintenance of your jewelry. This is especially important after a couple years where you might want to surprise someone with a special gift.
  • Is the jeweler well-informed? When you work with a trustworthy jeweler, everyone and anyone on their staff should be able to respond to your questions. They should be able to answer with ease and confidence or at least point you to someone who is more equipped to answer you. Also, a well-established jeweler that specializes in fine jewelry and loose diamonds typically has an expert gemologist in-house. This helps when customers want to know more about specific details about the jewelry they are planning to purchase. If your questions remain unanswered or if a salesperson outright refuses to answer, do not hesitate to walk away. Remember, everything and anything you ask matters.
  • BOTTLE ROCKET LOGODo they offer a wide range of selections? Make sure that the jeweler you choose has a wide range of selections for you to choose from. This guarantees that you will be able to compare between different designs and styles and choose one that best suits your tastes or the tastes of the person you will be giving it to.
  • Do they offer a wide range of services? A reputable jeweler should be able to offer you with a wide range of services. They should be able to offer you with assistance in any area should you need any help. Here are a few services which you should keep in mind. First, they should have a bench jeweler who can help you resize or repair your jewelry. Next, they should also have a gemologist in-house who can help you find the right stone for your budget and style. Lastly, if you are interested in custom designed jewelry, ask the jeweler if they are able to do so. Majority of well-established jewelers are able to provide this service.
  • How does the fine jeweler mark the integrity of the precious metal in the jewelry? Majority of jewelers will focus on the quality and beauty of the stones, diamonds and gems in a specific jewelry. However, you should remember that the metal is important too. You should ask the jeweler for their stamp that verifies that precious metal content of the jewelry. For instance, you may want to see whether it is PLT for platinum or 8K, 10K, or 18K for gold. A dependable and fine jeweler will not hesitate to show you and explain the details of these things.

These are just some questions you need to keep in mind and ask your jeweler before making any purchase. Make sure to do careful research, ask the right questions and purchase jewelry which will be worth the money you spend!